Connected Learning


A Relevant and Real World Education

For students to become global citizens, they need to connect and collaborate with peers across the world in new contexts. Co-learning and the co-creation of knowledge are today’s essential skills for viscerally understanding diverse peoples and cultures. Learning this way brings people together to solve complex problems and lead innovation. Our programs combine digital and physical environments in the community, school, home and world to activate relevant, real-world and hands-on learning. We work in extended partnership with our family of GEMS schools, and mentors across the city and the world, to inspire kids as they make, tinker, play with ideas and share projects.

Case Study

Grade 4 Global Learning 

On a daily and weekly basis, fourth-grade students participate with each other and with peers from around the world using the website With 300,000 students participating together to learn new skills, allows the students to create personalized and interest-based projects that they can share and on which they can give and receive feedback. The work students undertake correlates with their units of inquiry and serves as a personalized project-based learning hub. Students design projects on topics as diverse as:

  •       Using visual data to back up a thesis,
  •       Geospatial mapping to share meaningful location,
  •       Building a robotic device. 

This spring, the fourth grade will take connected learning to the next level, as students and teachers complete a series of connected projects with GEMS schools and other schools around the world through CONNECTed: The GEMS World Course of the Future. Fourth-grade classes in at least three locations will collaborate on global citizenship projects, learning about diversity, culture, and action. The course creates opportunities for intensified moments of collaboration; teachers from the different schools will design courses together and co-mentor the students. The students then will complete the projects as co-learners. The completed projects will be shared with more schools to spark feedback and ongoing discussion and new course construction.