Connected Classrooms


The horizon of innovation in education has radically changed over the last decade and Independent K-12 schools are attempting to position themselves for the future. At GEMS World Academy we are in an incredible position to unequivocally create the most innovative and scalable education experience in the nation.  Our ability to do this rests with our world class faculty and their connected classrooms.  

Few if any schools have the ability to introduce educational innovation on the scope or scale that GEMS World Academy Chicago is currently undertaking. The politics of industrial age education, the well meaning but ineffective introduction of popular trends that fit a schools existing structure without disruption, and ultimately the lack of a unified vision of the future have hampered next generation schools time anytime again. At GEMS World Academy we start our program of innovations with solid support from a global network of schools with a visionary message and reach, a flexible school structure that allows for a fresh look at what education can be and a strong team of educators poised to create and deliver a world class education.    

We encourage you to watch our connected classrooms via Blogs and Social Media.  We are sure you will vividly see a new vision of education.