A New Vision of Education

GEMS World Academy Chicago provides a one-of-a-kind experience that connects students to the city they live in, and the world, through technologically rich, highly connected, experiential and inquiry-based learning environments. Through educational innovations we engage young people in developing social-emotional, cognitive and intuitive skillsets, as well as the ways of thinking and acting necessary to be self-determined learners and a new generation of global citizens.

  • Through social-emotional development, our students demonstrate a balance of self and social concerns. They become aware, disciplined and intentional individuals in a diverse world.
  • Through cognitive development, our students practice how to find, validate, leverage, analyze, synthesize and utilize complex information. This occurs in our unique learning spaces inside and outside of the school and across the Internet.
  • Through intuitive development, our students acquire a broad and nuanced insight into the complexity of the world they experience through close observation and participation.

The horizon of innovation in education has radically changed over the last decade, and GEMS World Academy is in an incredible position to deliver the most innovative education experience in the world. To accomplish this, we have created a systematic and purposeful plan for innovation that focuses on four strands:

  • Learner as Researcher: Cultivating a “Laboratory as Mindset"
  • Connected Learning: Exploratory, Participatory and Inquiry Based
  • School as a Mesh Network: Ubiquity, Data, and New Learning Environments
  • Landscape as Learning: A New View of Field Studies 

These innovation strands are interdependent as they blend our school’s purpose, leadership, instruction, professional learning, assessment, curriculum and learning environments. Throughout the strands of innovation, our academic technology environment is robust, growing and integrated across the curriculum. Our professional development program for innovation and technology is a key component to realizing our goals. 

Ultimately, our innovations focus on cultivating “translocal understanding” — using the study of immediate surroundings to develop global insight — as they develop the key dispositions necessary to learn, live and work in extended partnership with others across the world.

The GEMS Innovations are a new vision of education.  They are designed to provide guidance and direction for the entire school representing as we redifine the future of eduction. 

If you would like to find ot more, please contact:

Peg Keiner

Technology and Innovation Leader

GEMS World Academy Chicago